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Today was the first day of the final week of VEX Robotics Camps. Two students accidentally recreated the opening scene from the Lion King where Rafiki lifts baby Simba into the air. #STEMEducation #MuseumWorker #ILoveMyJob #STEAMEducation #VEXIQ #VEXRobotics muZack__ photo

Spent around 30 minutes trying to break a wineglass with just my voice. I still haven't broken it but I'll keep everyone posted! #STEMEducation #STEAMEducation #MuseumWorker

Currently refreshing my knowledge of gear ratios before robotics camps start this summer! #STEMEducation #MuseumWorker muZack__ photo


Is it Engaging? Is it Educational?

Color Mixing Installation

Sometimes you learn something when you’re younger and then you just accept that concept and don’t think about it anymore....

Delicious Design

One of the most frequent questions I receive about STEAM Education is how do we teach the basics of design...

Look Ma, I’m on TV

The heading for this post is a bit of a stretch but I did want to share a video that...

Microscopic Art Workshop

Microscopic Art Workshop Patrons have the opportunity to view microscopic landscapes that are invisible to the naked eye.   Step...