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Is it Engaging? Is it Educational?

Color Mixing Installation

Sometimes you learn something when you’re younger and then you just accept that concept and don’t think about it anymore....

Delicious Design

One of the most frequent questions I receive about STEAM Education is how do we teach the basics of design...

Look Ma, I’m on TV

The heading for this post is a bit of a stretch but I did want to share a video that...

Microscopic Art Workshop

Microscopic Art Workshop Patrons have the opportunity to view microscopic landscapes that are invisible to the naked eye.   Step...

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Watching the @NASA spacewalk today during some STEM Labs. Kids are super interested in seeing how sensors are used and maintained in difficult environments. #STEMEducation #STEAMEducation #MuseumWorker muZack__ photo

When you're working in a classroom underneath a planetarium dome it seems only appropriate to play Gustav Holst's Planet Suite. #STEMEducation #STEAMEducation #MuseumWorker #PlanningVideoGameUnit #🪐

Spent a good portion of my day going through all of the STEM supplies at my job and making sure software updates are done. Unrelated note: I found out that the @SpheroEdu robots can be used to drive boats in the water, so now I've got a new unit for summer camps! #STEMEducation

What types of awesome collaboration challenges are you doing on #NationalSTEMDay? Can you work with your fellow engineers to operate a hydraulic arm!? #STEMeducation #STEAMeducation #MuseumWorker

Marketing took some pictures of our school programs today and like 1/2 of them include me making the craziest faces in existence. Here’s me talking about the goal for the Robotics lab. #STEMEducation #STEAMEducation #MuseumWorker #ILoveMyJob #Hydrobots muZack__ photo